Our history


Pure begins operation as a part-time company looking at acoustic sensors to detect physical changes in building and bridge structures. The unique SoundPrint® technology is developed to provide infrastructure owners with continuous, remote structural monitoring.


Pure installs its first full-scale SoundPrint acoustic monitoring system on an office building in Calgary. The system is still in operation.


Pure is incorporated as Sextant Enterprises, a company focusing on detection of physical changes in building and bridge structures.


Pure lists on the Alberta Stock Exchange to raise funds to grow and expand into the international marketplace. In the same year, Pure enters the water and wastewater market by adapting SoundPrint to monitor large-diameter prestressed concrete pipelines.


In addition to its first bridge monitoring installation (on the Huntington Viaduct in the UK), Pure installs a SoundPrint system on the cable-supported roof of the Calgary Saddledome. Both systems remain in operation today.


The Man Made River Project (MMRP) in Libya, one of the world’s largest pipeline networks, signs its first contract with Pure. SoundPrint is initially used to acoustically monitor 3km of the pipeline, but the length and scope grows quickly. Additional installations of the technology have followed, and several hundred kilometres are now being monitored.


Pure commercializes two new technologies: P-Wave® for the electromagnetic testing of large-diameter PCCP, and PureLink, an automated surveillance and alarm management technology.


Pure solidifies its position as the world leader in providing innovative, non-destructive evaluation and monitoring technologies for owners and managers of large infrastructure. Pure branches into the oil and gas pipeline industry by marketing SoundPrint AFO.


Pure develops the revolutionary SmartBall® technology to address the need for leak detection of large-diameter pipelines. It also acquires consulting engineering firm Openaka Corporation to compliment Pure’s services to owners of PCCP. Pure also completes its first CableScan project for testing and assessment of bridge suspender rope cables.


Pure opens a branch office in Benghazi, Libya to support the growing scope of work with the MMRP and further pursue opportunities in the Middle East/Africa region.


Pure acquires Price Brothers (UK) Ltd., an engineering company providing pipe manufacturing support and construction supervision services to the GMRP in Libya. Elsewhere, Pure’s subsidiary Openaka is selected to negotiate a long-term PCCP management program with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, worth up to US$25 million.


The Company acquires Jason Consultants, a specialty consultancy focused on underground infrastructure engineering services. Pure also acquires Pipe Eye International, a B.C.-based company offering high-margin in-pipe inspection robots. Pure opens an office in Abu Dhabi, UAE to extend the global reach of technologies and services.


2010 was a milestone year for Pure with the acquisition of its only direct competitor, the Pressure Pipe Inspection Company (PPIC). The company also acquires Aqua Environmental Pty. Ltd., a privately-held provider of pipeline leak detection and condition assessment services for Australia andNew Zealand. The Company establishes a joint venture in China, opening an office in Hong Kong.


In January, Pure acquired the Inspection Division of Specialized Technical Services (STS), an Abu Dhabi-based company involved in the inspection and monitoring of water, wastewater and oil and gas pipelines. In June, Pure acquired Electromechanical Technologies, Inc. (EMTEK), a developer of advanced pipeline inspection technologies. The acquisition positions Pure in the market for condition assessment of metallic water and wastewater pipelines.


Pure acquires Hunter McDonnell Pipeline Services, Inc., a leading provider of technology-driven integrity services to the oil and gas pipeline industry. The acquisition of the oil and gas pipeline inspection company and its assets allows Pure to expand its reach even further, including a direct presence in Alberta, California and Texas.


Pure acquires Wachs Water Services, a leading provider of flow control maintenance and support, leak detection and related asset management services to the water sector in the United States. This has enhanced our distribution channels for the deployment of our proprietary technologies and solutions, while adding significant management capabilities and field services personnel to help manage our growing water utility customer base within North America.