A world leader in protecting critical infrastructure

We give our clients the confidence to make the precise decisions they need to protect the critical infrastructure necessary for everyday life.

Our purpose

In the beginning our focus was to help prevent the failure of critical bridges and large structures by implementing remote monitoring technology.

Though important work, and still a key part of our business today, our founders soon saw the importance of helping utilities find and implement critical infrastructure solutions below the ground – for the many thousands of miles of water and wastewater pipes beneath our cities.

By the late-nineties, we realized that many water and wastewater pipes in many cities across the globe had been in service for a century or even longer and had sprung invisible leaks that could soon prove unstable. We knew we could help.

Leveraging our history and experience with remote monitoring technology meant knowing the best location to find leaks, potential leaks and trouble spots would be from the inside. For the first time, utility operators could identify at-risk pipes before they failed, changing the pipeline management industry forever.

Today, with our suite of innovative solutions, Pure Technologies can assess, monitor and manage a variety of pipe materials –including those that transport water, wastewater, oil and gas. And we also continue to provide support to the industry that inspired our path – the long-term maintenance and monitoring of bridges and structures.

Our partnership approach builds relationships, develops unique solutions and inspires our innovation.

Our vision and values

Our vision is to be the world leader in providing those responsible for critical infrastructure and their communities with sustainable solutions to reduce asset deterioration and failure.


We are agile and empowering; quick to react and encourage creativity and career growth.


We encourage thought-leadership that disrupts and challenges the status quo to develop the best solutions for underground asset management.


We expect and reinforce respectful and ethical behavior from our people, our clients, and our competitors.


From delivering data-driven, actionable results to ensuring a safe work environment for everyone, we are passionate about being the best at what we do.

Committed to R&D

Fostering an atmosphere of creativity and innovation.

Finding innovative ways to assess difficult-to-inspect infrastructure is a growing challenge. The worldwide need for effective solutions has pushed our research and development efforts to continuously develop new methods to meet our clients very specific challenges.

Our thought-leaders work closely with our clients, innovating new techniques and technology as needed to assess and manage critical infrastructure.

Millions of dollars spent on R&D over 5 years (year-ended, 2016)