Afo Monitoring Cutzamala Pipeline Mexico

Pure Technologies is currently installing Acoustic Fiber Optic (AFO) monitoring on the Cutzamala pipeline in Mexico in an ongoing four phase project that started in 2010.

The initial phase of the project began in 2010 with the installation of about 25 kilometers of AFO, as well as a data acquisition and management system (DAQ) in the Pericos Tank. The second phase, which is currently being completed by the Pure Technologies team, will complete the remainder of the middle portion of the line with 47 kilometers of fiber and a DAQ in the St. Isabel Tank.

AFO technology monitors the condition of prestressed pipe by tracking the amount of wire breaks in each pipe section. The system allows a utility to monitor pipeline deterioration and see at-risk pipes before they fail. The four phase project was organized by priority, with the highest-risk areas of the system receiving AFO first.

Because of a number of failures before the AFO system was installed, the utility became more conscious of their pipeline condition, but realized it was unrealistic and too costly to replace the entire line, leading to the decision to adopt AFO. Since the completion of phase one, the results have been very successful; there has been a lot of acoustic activity on the pipelines, which has allowed the utility to detect and identify distressed pipes and prevent failures.

AFO Installation
AFO Up Close

Phases three and four will be completed in 2013 and 2014. Phase three will install about 30 kilometers fiber from the Torre TO-5 to the St. Isabel Tank with a DAQ in each tank. The final phase will install about 48 kilometers of fiber from the Pericos Tank to the Analco Tunnel, with an additional two DAQ’s.

The Cutzamala pipeline runs from the State of Mexico to the border of Mexico City and is one of the most important transmission mains in the country, supplying water to about 5 million people living in Mexico City. There are two parallel pipelines in the Cutzamala system each about 75 kilometers long.


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