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Asset management strategies provide utilities with information on their buried assets; knowing what assets they have and when they will need rehabilitation is crucial for planning and fiscally responsible decision making.

A number of recent reports have highlighted the need for better asset management practices in the water and wastewater industry.

Black & Veatch’s Strategic Directions in the U.S. Water Utility Industry Report, released in 2012, highlights the need for asset management programs that streamline all the information and planning in a system.

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The Canadian Infrastructure Report Card 2012 also highlighted the need for better asset management among Canadian utilities. The report found that many municipalities lack the internal capacity and resources to accurately assess the state of their infrastructure; many respondents had limited data on water treatment and pumping facilities and the condition of buried pipeline assets.

In order to help utilities with asset management master planning, Pure Technologies is now offering the PureNET™ asset management software which allows water utilities to manage water infrastructure data more effectively. PureNET links data from existing utility databases such as billing systems, hydraulic models, workload programs and maintenance management systems.

PureNET also has the ability to merge data from Pure’s pipeline inspection and monitoring technologies, it is fully integrated and extracts the most relevant information from each database, making asset management less complex and time consuming.

Initial case studies of utilities using PureNET show that the implementation of the system within a utility’s pipeline network can increase financial earnings by 3.5 percent.

PureNET helps streamline planning and decision making by establishing maintenance priorities, budgets, and planning of future projects, as well as providing information on the condition and useful life of a utility’s infrastructure. The software moves utilities from reactive to proactive asset management and bridges the gap between engineering and finance.

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Pipeline Asset Management Software

PureNET™ – Integrated Non Revenue Water and Asset Management Software

In order to help utilities manage all aspects of their complex water and wastewater systems, PureNET™ allows utilities to manage their infrastructure data more effectively.

Assess & Address Pipeline Management Program

Assess & Address Pipeline Management Program

Pure Technologies is helping utilities manage their buried infrastructure through its Assess & Address which can often be implemented for only a fraction of the capital replacement cost.