How To Detect Leaks In Challenging Conditions Inline Tools

In the latest issue of Water and Wastewater International ( WWi), Pure’s director of research and development, Xiangjie Kong, participated in the monthly executive technology comparison which features commentary from different industry experts on a specific issue. In this issue, executives provided insight about how utilities can identify and locate leaks in difficult operational conditions.

The most challenging conditions that operators encounter are:

  • Locating leaks on large-diameter transmission mains
  • Inspecting non-metallic mains
  • Leak detection in low pressure mains
  • Challenging operating conditions such as urban areas
Mark Holley

Check out the full article in WWi to find out how operators can overcome challenging conditions using inline leak detection technologies.

Read the full article in Water and Wastewater International »

Kong has led the development of some of the most advanced water pipeline inspection techniques and tools. In addition to publishing over 30 papers in academic and industry journals, he was the co-principal investigator of a research project sponsored by American Water Works Association Research Foundation.


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Pipeline leak detection systems

Pipeline Leak Detection Systems

Highly accurate inline leak detection systems that can detect leaks and gas pockets in operational pipelines. These systems are used primarily on larger diameter water and wastewater transmission mains of all materials as well as oil & gas pipelines.