How To Detect Pipeline Leak With A Ball Like Acoustic Tool

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Initially, owners and operators perceived that once a pipe was constructed and buried, inspecting pipelines was not necessary as long as they were in proper working order. But with the trend of urbanization and development, the risk of operating these pipelines became greater, as leaks or failures can significantly threaten communities and the environment.

The challenge of managing aging pipelines that were not built with the thought of inline inspection is daunting. To best mitigate risk, oil and gas operators should use a multi tool approach that incorporates both real-time and survey-based condition assessment technologies.

SmartBall® leak detection for oil and gas pipelines is an innovative tool that can effectively compliment integrity programs. The tool identifies acoustic anomalies associated with leaks which differ from anomalies created by other sounds and pipeline features. SmartBall technology is highly sensitive and can identify leaks that aren’t typically found using other systems.


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Pipeline Leak Detection Systems

Pipeline Leak Detection Systems

Highly accurate inline leak detection systems that can detect leaks and gas pockets in operational pipelines. These systems are used primarily on larger diameter water and wastewater transmission mains of all materials as well as oil & gas pipelines.

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Development of a Long Duration, Free Swimming, Inline Acoustic Leak Detection Inspection Tool

Acoustic leak detection inspection tools have become a common technique to identify minute pipeline leakage before the leak and the defect producing it can become a larger problem or even a rupture level event. While these inspection tools only identify small defects once they reach the through wall stage and result in leakage, they can be an effective means of demonstrating the pressure tightness of a pipeline and ruling out the presence of through wall defects that are below the detection threshold of other ILI inspection tools; in so doing finding a way into both the leak detection and pipeline integrity toolboxes.