Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System Trenchless Project

In the October 2013 issue of Trenchless Technology, the Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System (LHPWSS) was recognized for its proactive pipeline management program.

LHPWSS serves about 500,000 people in eight different municipalities in the London Region and provides about 44 million gallons of water per day (170 million liters). Its major transmission main, the Lake Huron Pipeline A, runs from the Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant near Grand Bend, ON to a terminal reservoir located near the community of Arva, North West of the City of London and features mostly 1200-millimeter (48-inch) Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP).

In October 2012, LHPWSS and Pure Technologies completed a 47-km condition assessment of Lake Huron Pipeline A using advanced non-destructive technologies. The system has about 25 km of non-redundant pipeline, making it very difficult to shut down for inspection and repairs without disrupting water supply to customers.

The proactive condition assessment allowed LHPWSS to selectively rehabilitate its most critical pipeline in favor of replacement.

All of the winners are featured in the October 2013 issue of Trenchless Technology magazine and will be formally recognized at the 2014 No-Dig Show, to be held in Orlando, Florida. Winners are chosen on the basis of technical advancement, technical complexity, milestones and records achieved, interaction and cooperation, and advancement of the trenchless industry.

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PipeDiver Device Extraction
Staff verifying EM results

Pure’s staff successfully verify the EM results on behalf of LHPWSS in spring 2013.

Case Study

Case Study: Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System

In October 2013, LHPWSS and Pure Technologies used advanced non-destructive free-flowing technologies to inspect a critical transmission main for leaks, gas pockets and structural deterioration while the pipeline remained in service. The results were successfully validated in spring 2013.

Assess & Address Pipeline Management Program

Assess & Address Pipeline Management Program

Pure Technologies is helping utilities manage their buried infrastructure through its Assess & Address which can often be implemented for only a fraction of the capital replacement cost.

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