Reducing costs through precise remote tracking

Historically, inline inspection (ILI) tools used to identify defects on oil and gas pipelines have been tracked by field teams. However, recent technology advancements now allow pipeline owners to track pigs remotely, which is a much safer and cheaper alternative to traditional tracking. As pipeline integrity technology advances, asset owners are now using a wide variety of tools to detect problems, and often run multiple tools on the same pipeline. Using traditional methods – which many owners still use – tracking multiple pigs using field staff is expensive and risky. More trackers in the field increases the risk of any job, as well as increases the project costs to staff appropriately for multiple pigs.

Reduction in number of field technicians

In remote tracking runs, technicians only need to be in the field to deploy and collect the remote tracking units, and only one technician is needed to track multiple pigs during the run. In comparison, Legacy tracking methods require multiple field technicians to track multiple pigs. As the number of pigs increase in a run, more man power is needed, whereas remote tracking can do all this using a single tracker in a central location.

Reduction in truck costs

When the number of field technicians needed is reduced, the number of trucks in the field and number of kilometers driven also decreases. This not only reduces the project costs incurred, but also reduces the environmental footprint of tracking.

Reduction in field technician time

When using remote tracking methods, the cost savings are not only reflected in fewer billed technician hours, but also in terms of reduced costs relating to standby days and fewer flights. It also eliminates the need for long field shifts and night shifts, making it the safe alternative to traditional tracking. While many pipeline companies still us traditional methods, best-in-class integrity programs are now leveraging remote pig tracking to reduce cost and increase safety.

To learn more about remote tracking, download PureHM’s pig tracking whitepaper.

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