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The first PipeDiver project was recently completed on a fully operational prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) wastewater force main for Baltimore County Department of Public Works. The inspection was completed as part of a comprehensive assessment of a 54-inch force main that also included Pure’s SmartBall® technology.

September 2011

PipeDiver’s electromagnetic assessment sensors provide a non-destructive method of evaluating the baseline condition of the prestressing wire (the primary structural component of PCCP) by estimating the quantity and location of wire breaks for each pipe section.

PipeDiver Insertion
“This is a significant advancement in wastewater force main condition assessment,” said Travis Wagner, P.E., Pure’s wastewater assessment leader. “The comprehensive condition assessment of PCCP force mains has historically proven difficult for wastewater collection system owners/operators since unlike potable water transmission mains, force mains generally lack redundancy and therefore, the ability to shut down the pipeline for a traditional comprehensive PCCP assessment.”

Thorough force main inspections often require significant operational and/or financial expenditures in order to bypass the wastewater flow via temporary pumping or a piped diversion. Through the successful implementation of the SmartBall and PipeDiver tools, PCCP force main owners/operators now have the ability to conduct comprehensive condition assessments of their wastewater PCCP assets with a significantly lower operational impact.


Case Study

Case Study

Baltimore County – Sewer Force Main Assessment

As part of Baltimore County, Maryland’s Wastewater Force Main Asessment Program, Pure Technologies inspected the 54-inch Patapsco PCCP Force Main using the SmartBall® and PipeDiver® pipeline assessment tools.