Protecting our water supply one leak at a time

Roughly US$14 billion in clean, non-revenue water is lost every year due to leaks and water main failures that could have been prevented.

If the loss of non-revenue water could be cut by half, an estimated US$2.9 billion could be generated and an additional 90 million people could have access to water.

Locating leaks on transmission mains represents the best opportunity for improvement.

Non-revenue water is defined as water that is produced for consumption but is lost before it reaches the customer. These losses are divided into three categories:

  • Physical (or real) losses due to poor operation and maintenance, lack of an active leak control system or the poor quality of underground assets.
  • Commercial (or apparent losses) include customer meter under-registration, data handling error or the theft of water in various forms such as illegal connections.
  • Unbilled authorized consumption includes water used for operational purposes, for fighting fires and water that is provided for free to certain consumer groups.

The best opportunity for improving this situation is by taking the first step in a NRW-reduction strategy and start focusing on leak and theft detection within transmission mains.

That’s where Pure comes in.

With over 2,000 miles of large-diameter pipelines inspected, Pure Technologies has located more than 4,000 leaks for an average of 2.2 leaks per mile using our advanced inline leak detection technologies significantly reducing NRW while saving millions of gallons of water and helping prevent failures for utilities around the world.