Pure Builds Sand Sieve Kits For Cawst Charity

Biosand filters kits assembled

A representative from CAWST recently visited Pure’s Calgary office and told a large audience about its unique approach to teaching people in developing countries how to build biosand filters to provide clean water. In turn, Pure was able to use its peoplepower to help CAWST with the assembly of sand sieve kits for use in the filters. The protection of water resources is a core value shared by both Pure and CAWST.

CAWST, or the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation, is a Calgary-based charity and licensed engineering firm that provides technical training and consulting expertise in water and sanitation to the poor and underprivileged in developing nations. In its own words, CAWST “teaches people how to get safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene in their own homes using simple, affordable technologies.”

The majority of CAWST’s tools are made locally using available materials, but the biosand filters require a specific type of sand. If end users don’t have the correct grade and consistency, the filter won’t work. CAWST generally supplies its users with sand sieve kits during its on-site training programs but, being a non-profit organization, often asks for volunteers to help assemble them ahead of time.

Enter Pure. At the meeting in November, Pure employees from several departments in Calgary gathered at lunch to listen to the presentation and then assemble 12 sand kits. The contribution helped reduce the assembly workload for CAWST and end users, and provided Pure team members with an opportunity to learn about the biosand filter. Pure employees also enjoyed a change of pace, an opportunity to interact with colleagues, and a great deal of fun.

Building sand kits