Pure Completes Successful Smartball Inspection Morocco

In October 2012, Pure Technologies completed its first SmartBall® run in Casablanca, Morocco on 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) of 1000-mm (39-inch) Prestressed Concrete Pipe (PCP).

SmartBall was successful in precisely detecting and locating one leak along the transmission main and was tracked throughout the entire inspection by SmartBall Receivers (SBR) installed along the pipeline.

SmartBall is a free-flowing acoustic leak and gas pocket detection tool that is inserted into live pipelines. The tool measures acoustic anomalies associated with leaks and gas pockets, which are then analyzed and verified by data analysts.

Morocco SmartBall

The run in Casablanca was completed by the partnership of Pure Technologies and the Suez Environmental Group on behalf of Lydec, which operates more than 4,600 kilometers (2,850 miles) of pipeline in Casablanca.

Lydec is very pleased with the results of the inspection, as regular leak detection, condition assessment and monitoring of their pipelines is a main priority for the utility. Lydec has been very successful in saving water through various leak detection processes; saving 34 million m3 per year between 1997 and 2011.


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