Pure Continues Successful Leak Detection Program Dallas

Pure Technologies completed another successful year of its leak detection program with the City of Dallas and the Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) in July 2012.

This year, 16 leaks were found using Sahara® in just over 12 miles of inspection. The City and DWU are always efficient in repairing identified leaks, and since the conclusion of the 2012 inspection, have repaired about half of the leaks.

In 2004, DWU, which services 2.4 million customers in Dallas and nearby communities, began an ongoing proactive annual leak detection program using Sahara leak detection, though the DWU and Pure had been doing electromagnetic (EM) condition assessment since 2000. The leak detection program inspects pipes between 12-inches to 84-inches, and the transmission mains are made up mostly of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP), but also feature Cast Iron Pipe and Ductile Iron Pipe. To date, approximately 86-miles have been inspected using Sahara.

The decision to implement an ongoing program with Pure stemmed from an internal study conducted by the City of Dallas of their large-diameter leak detection. The study found that it needed new technologies to improve efficiency.

Large-diameter water transmission mains in Dallas have a higher potential of developing leaks in the summer. Due to the high heat and lack of precipitation, the ground becomes extremely dry and hard, this shifts buried pipeline infrastructure slightly which can cause leaks to develop and ultimately water mains to break.

Sahara has been extremely effective in detecting leaks for DWU. Since the program began, 116 leaks have been found in DWU’s large-diameter transmission main network. The estimated water savings from all of the leaks detected by Sahara and repaired by DWU, is about 7.2 million gallons per day. DWU has also seen a 17 percent reduction in catastrophic water main failures since the start of the program; increasing service reliability.


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