Pure Technologies Completes Forcemain Inspections Baltimore

Baltimore County Department of Public Works (DPW) wrapped up a busy two-month inspection schedule in November 2012 after completing ten force main inspections using the SmartBall®, PipeDiver® and PureRobotics® technology platforms.

Twenty-three total inspections took place on ten different Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) force mains over the inspection period, requiring extensive planning and organization between DPW and Pure.

SmartBall leak detection inspections were completed on nine force mains as part of the overall condition assessment of PCCP force mains. Initial leak and gas pocket detection is crucial in condition assessment, since the presence of leaks or gas pockets is often a preliminary indicator of a potential failure location.

Gas pockets in force mains are of significant concern as hydrogen sulfide gas within the wastewater may be converted to sulfuric acid by bacteria in the slime layer on the pipe wall, which may cause corrosion and eventual breakdown of the pipe’s exposed surface.

For structural condition assessment of the force mains, Pure Technologies used PipeDiver technology for six inspections and the PureRobotics platform for three inspections.Two electromagnetic platforms were used for the inspections to meet the different operational challenges at each force main.

Both tools identify areas of distress and quantify the amount of estimated wire breaks on PCCP force mains while allowing them to remain in service. Having the line remain in service is often important for force main condition assessments since most lack redundancy and the ability to be shut down for inspection.

In total, DPW and Pure Technologies completed just over 15 miles of SmartBall leak detection, almost 11 miles of PipeDiver condition assessment, and about 3 miles of robotics inspection. The pipe diameters varied for each force main, ranging from 16-inch to 42-inch PCCP.

Baltimore County is inspecting their force mains after entering into a Consent Decree brought forth by the U.S. Department of Justice, the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in September 2005. The consent decree stipulated that Baltimore County inspect all force mains in its collection system with one or more methodologies appropriate to the specific characteristics of each force main.

Although the Consent Decree stipulates that the force mains be inspected, it allowed Baltimore County the flexibility to specify the method or technology at the time the inspections are performed.

The Baltimore County DPW has taken this opportunity to go beyond a minimalist approach, choosing to inspect its force main inventory with advanced non-destructive condition assessment technologies, reaffirming their ongoing commitment to providing reliable service and preventing pipeline failures.

DPW’s sewer force main inspection program was featured in the November issue of Trenchless Technology. Click here to see the article.


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