Reasons To Assess Large Diameter Pipeline Condition

1.  Avoid replacing pipelines that are still in good condition. Pure inspections of over 175,000 lengths of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) have shown active distress in only 4% of the pipes. Customers were delighted to know that in the majority of cases an entire pipeline replacement was not necessary. The cost of advanced condition assessment is only a small fraction of the total cost of a full line replacement. Every utility is looking to stretch/maximize their budget. By identifying individual pipe at risk of failure and selectively addresing those pipe, a utility can obtain the dreamed of 50-100 year asset—without replacing the entire line.

2.  Rehabilitate individual pipes for a fraction of the full line replacement cost. On average, a strategic repair and replace program based on the results of a Pure condition assessment program costs up to 80% less vs. replacement of an entire pipeline. This strategic approach allows you to cost-effectively manage your underground water infrastructure.

Pipe replacement

3. Minimize the risk of significant pipeline failures. Condition assessment programs can significantly minimize the risk of large diameter pipeline ruptures that can have serious consequences on many fronts including public health and safety, economic, political and litigious. The cost of a Pure inspection program is only a small fraction compared to the potential cost of a large diameter pipeline break.

4. Increase revenue by stopping water loss and illegal connections. The bigger the pipe, the bigger the return on leak and tap detection programs. On average Pure inspections have shown 1.1 leaks per mile of large diameter pipe in North America and 2.2 leaks per mile in Europe, England, Middle East and Africa. The average volume of a leak is 40,000 gallons per day. Large municipalities have been able to achieve an ROI of over 500% from ongoing programs.

5. Ensure regulatory compliance. Water and wastewater pipeline operators are expected to meet stringent government regulations to ensure public safety and environmental protection. Condition assessment programs provide you with critical information about the integrity of your line – when and where you need it. Pure services can inspect operating lines, there is no need for dewatering or service shutdown.

6. Understand the true valuation of your underground infrastructure. Condition assessment is a quick and simple way to understand the up-to-date value of your underground infrastructure, allowing you to comply with GASB 34 accounting standards.

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