Smart Ball Leak Detection Inpection Australia

Aqua Environmental (subsidiary of Pure Technologies) recently completed a large-diameter leak detection program using SmartBall® on behalf of a client in the Northern Territory of Australia.

The contract covered over 240 kilometres of water pipes ranging in size from 80-mm to 750-mm and utilised SmartBall inspection technology for the larger diameter mains (375-mm and above). Four successful SmartBall inspections were completed totalling 42 kilometres.

While no actual leaks were found during the inspections, the SmartBall was able to detect all the simulated leaks arranged by the client to test the accuracy of the tool. The project was also successful in providing the client with an accurate assessment of the leakage on their large-diameter pipes, which will assist in the future direction of their leakage strategy.

While on site, demonstrations of both conventional acoustic leak detection technology and SmartBall insertion and extraction were held for the client.


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