Smartball Identifies 11 Leaks In Two Malaysian Water Mains

In June 2012, Pure Technologies (China) completed a SmartBall leak detection project in conjunction with Jalur Cahaya Sdn. Bhd. (JC) that helped address the Non-Revenue Water (NRW) problem in the state of Selangor, Malaysia, by locating several leaks in the water system.

The total inspection spanned about 5 kilometres (3 miles) on two water transmission mains, locating 11 total leaks. Pure inspected about 1.5 kilometers (1 mile) of the Kampung Sungai Kertas transmission main, made up of 300-millimetre (12-inch) asbestos cement and mild steel, and just over 3 kilometres (2 miles) of the Jalan Raja Musa main, a 700-millimetre (28-inch) mild steel pipeline.

SmartBall Access Point

JC is a water engineering services company that focuses on reducing NRW in Malaysia. The successful SmartBall project reaffirms their commitment to reducing NRW in Malaysia with continuous and effective leak detection projects.

The Kampung Sungai Kertas main inspection had 6 SmartBall Receiver locations to ensure quality tool tracking and accurate leak locations. The inspection identified 9 leaks in the system, 2 of which were large leaks. Since project completion, JC revealed to Pure that 2 of the 9 leaks were artificial and used to test the sensitivity of SmartBall. The Jalan Raja Musa main inspection used 5 SBR locations and was very successful, locating 2 small leaks in the system.

Immediately following the inspections, JC excavated and repaired all the leaks identified, and are very satisfied with the results of the verifications. Flow measurements before and after repairs were also carried out on the Kampung Sungai Kertas pipeline, showing the fixed leaks reduced leakage by 360,000 litres (95,000 gallons) per day.


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