Successful Asset Management Begins With True Condition Assessment

Utilities have limited asset management funding at their disposal and yet waiting for failures to happen before repairing or replacing critical water mains is simply not a cost-effective option.

Cities need a working water infrastructure. It’s that simple. The solution, though, has tended to be a lot more complicated. The majority of urban water infrastructures are old and reaching the end of their usage expectancy. In addition, most are buried deep beneath the very cities they service and system-wide pipeline replacement is far too costly. Yet, if those large-diameter pressurized pipelines unexpectedly fail, the consequences can be catastrophic, to the city and the people living there. It can also shake the public’s confidence in the utility, harming its reputation in the process.

The fact is, not all old pipe is bad pipe. The Water Research Foundation Report found that age is not a primary factor for pipe failure. Many buried pipes, well over 100 years old, can still be considered in “like new” condition. Through extensive research and data from more than 14,000 milesof pressure pipeline inspection, we have found that less than 1% of pipes are damaged enough to need immediate repair. And that’s good news for cash-strapped, resource-short pipeline operators.

Unfortunately, there is no “one technology fits all” solution to this problem, which is why the choice of assessment tools is critical. The smartest choice is to deploy different but complimentary technologies that can collect the robust condition data required to evaluate which pipes need repair or replacement and which should be left alone. This pipe-by-pipe approach helps utilities make informed decisions based on assessment results, which in turn can reduce capital costs by as much as 90 percent.

Pure Technologies’ Assess and Address® approach is not only logical, scalable and cost effective, it also provides the highest return on investment.

Beginning with Pure’s risk-based assessment method followed by the deployment of complimentary technologies – like SoundPrint® – we work together with utilities to help facilitate pro-active, cost effective renewal and enduring pipeline management strategies that help keep our cities up and running for years to come.

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