Water Scarcity Aging Pipeline Infrastructure

Water scarcity issues are a major problem in many parts of the world affecting quality of life, the environment, industry, and the economies of developing nations. Touted as “the next oil,” water is the most precious resource on earth. We need it to drink, to grow food, sanitation as well as running various industrial needs such as power and manufacturing.

Yet even as precious as water resources are, there is a considerable shortage of water in the world. Causes of water scarcity vary from natural causes such as climate change and drought to human causes such as demand over stripping supply, population growth, water quality, and resource allocation.

Help overcome water scarcity with leak detection

For a prime example of how human factors contribute to water scarcity, we need not look any further than the state of the earth’s water distribution infrastructure. Most of the water infrastructure in the world was installed over a century ago when the earth supported a much smaller population and we didn’t have such a dependence on modern industrial comforts.

Leaks in Aging Pipeline Infrastructure

It is estimated that worldwide over 6 billion gallons of water is being lost every day through leaks in aging pipeline infrastructure. On average Pure inspections have shown 1.1 leaks per mile of large diameter pipe in North America and 2.2 leaks per mile in Europe, England, Middle East and Africa. The average volume of a leak is 40,000 gallons per day.

According to the US Geological Survey, in North America alone, there are over one million miles of water pipelines and aqueducts. As this water infrastructure continues to age and become over burdened by industry and population growth, the contribution to water scarcity also occurs.

Pure offers water pipeline owners the most accurate and trusted leak detection system which allows operators to become more proactive by systematically seeking and abating water leaks in their water distribution systems. By detecting and repairing leaks, utilities don’t only combat water scarcity but also increase efficiency, protect surrounding assets, and protect the environment.

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Pipeline leak detection systems

In-Line Leak Detection 

Non-destructive, in-line tools that can detect leaks and gas pockets in operational pipelines. These systems are used primarily on large-diameter water and pressurized wastewater mains of all materials as well as oil & gas pipelines.

Smartball- Leak and Gas Pocket Detention

Smartball- Leak and Gas Pocket Detention 

Leak and gas pocket detection services using a free-swimming acoustic sensor for “straight-shot” inspections.

Sahara® - Leak & Gas Pocket Detection

Sahara® – Leak & Gas Pocket Detection

For complex large diameter networks, Sahara® leak and gas pocket detection services uses a tethered acoustic sensor allows for real-time results, and maximum control and sensitivity.

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