Ensuring long-term integrity

Our patented SoundPrint® technology detects and locates failures in high-strength steel wire, strand or cable through continuous, non-intrusive remote monitoring.

Innovating The Right Tool For The Right Job

Bridge owners and engineers finally have a tool that helps ensure the long-term integrity of post-tensioned, pre-tensioned, cable-stayed and suspension bridges.

By continuously monitoring for failure of tensioned steel elements, SoundPrint® actually helps save money on other bridge inspection and NDE (or non-destructive testing & evaluation) techniques.

Once our technology generates an understanding of the frequency and location of wire failures, operators have the data they need to choose the proper cost-effective investigative techniques to further evaluate the extent of the deterioration.

Plus, the information generated by SoundPrint® can be seamlessly integrated into the owner’s own Bridge Management System so they have access to the data they need when they need it.

Pure Solutions

Deep market experience combined with a demonstrated commitment to research and development have enabled Pure Technologies to build a strong portfolio of patented technology solutions designed to help infrastructure owners around the world manage their critical infrastructure.

Monitoring Services

SoundPrint® detects and locates tensioned wire failures through continuous, non-intrusive remote monitoring.

Types of bridges

Suspension Bridges
The main cables and suspender ropes of suspension bridges are often subject to aggressive environments where hidden corrosion of the wires leads to reduction in structural safety. SoundPrint provides complete, continuous surveillance of cable components on suspension bridges so that areas of active corrosion can be pinpointed.
Cable-Stay Bridges
The SoundPrint acoustic monitoring system provides a complete continuous remote health monitoring solution for stay-cables. Corrosion or fatigue-induced failures can be detected long before they compromise the integrity of the stay.
Post-Tensioned Bridges
Suspect grouting practices and poor detailing has led to concerns about the durability of post-tensioned bridges and their susceptibility to corrosion-induced tendon failure. SoundPrint has been used to provide assurance about the condition of post-tensioned bridges with sophisticated acquisition and event filtering capabilities that can reliably detect low energy wire breaks in fully-grouted tendons in noisy environments.

Featured Case Study

MaineDOT – Maine, USA

The Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT) manages 2,919 bridges and spans in total, inspecting 2,414 in 2014.

The Waldo Hancock Bridge, located in the state of Maine, was completed in 1931. Its deck carried one lane of traffic per direction, while two narrow reinforced concrete sidewalks were used for pedestrian traffic.