Dare to be Awesome. And then some.

We have grown from a start-up company to a world leader in the development and application of innovative technologies for managing physical infrastructure, and we’ve done it all because of our most important asset, our people.

At Pure, our staff is not confined by old-school thinking. We put a heavy emphasis on research and development, and are always looking to discover the next ground-breaking solution in infrastructure management, all while ensuring our staff are building their personal skill set to accelerate their career.


What sets us apart?

A learning culture

Knowledge is contagious. We believe that no two career paths are the same. Pure provides the structure to ensure success, and the flexibility to meet your needs.

We offer both professional development and technical training to support your career, like PureU, which offers both online and face-to-face training, coaching and onboarding, available to all employees.

If you want opportunities to learn, travel and challenge yourself, welcome! If you thrive in a dynamic workplace, with lots of independence and working through problems to get results, Pure is the place.

Making a difference

Protecting cities & the environment. Our work helps to prevent infrastructure failures that can have devastating effects on public confidence, crucial services and the environment.

By working at Pure, you are contributing to a company that helps mitigate this growing problem by preventing infrastructure failures, protecting critical assets and ensuring necessary services like water delivery and wastewater collection are available for everyone.

Benefits & Perks

At Pure, we’re focused on creating a great experience for you. We make sure you have the best care and resources available at all stages in life, both inside and outside the company.

All Purists have access to excellent healthcare and wellness choices. Doctor? Dentist? New glasses? From emergencies to massages, we have several competitive benefits package available.

We strive to be a great place to work with people with families. Our programs make it easier to ensure your family is cared for at every stage of life.

Performance Rewarded

We believe in pay for performance. It’s simple. We reward strong performance with salary increases, annual bonuses, and exciting career opportunities.

We believe in you. We believe if we give you accountability to make decisions, and ensure you have access to the people, tools and information that can help you make solid decisions, you will do what is best for Pure’s success. That’s the kind of performance we reward.

We compensate salaries competitively for geographies at or above market rates with an annual review process.

Employee testimonials

Take their word for it

Whether you’re a new graduate looking to kick start an exciting career or you’re exploring new career opportunities, hear what our employees have to say about working at Pure.

Glen White

“If you like a dynamic workplace, with lots of independence, Pure is a great place to make your mark. I love the challenge of being in high tech, working through problems, and knowing that you can come up with innovative solutions. Pure caters towards that type of person…”

Glen White
Program Manager in Business Development, Canada Region: 4 years

Richard Der

“It’s more than just a job. This is more like friends and family getting together to do a job as well and people helping each other out…”

Richard Der
IT Manager, 2.5 years

Mark Fodchuk

One of the things that differentiates us is our purpose…we’re out there doing good, protecting the infrastructure for oil and gas as well as water. From that environmental standpoint it just speaks to people’s morals and values…”

Mark Fodchuk
Marketing, 2 years