September 19, 2011 Calgary, Alberta

Pure Technologies Ltd., (“Pure”) is pleased to announce the introduction of its next-generation SoundPrint® system for monitoring bridge cables and post-tensioning systems. The system, called SoundPrint Light, utilizes Pure’s patented acoustic fibre-optic monitoring technology for monitoring prestressed concrete pipelines, which was first introduced in 2005 and is now deployed in over 1,500 km of pipelines. The technology provides continuous dynamic integrity information to allow operators to manage these critical assets cost-effectively and proactively.

SoundPrint Light has several advantages over the first-generation piezoelectric-based SoundPrint system. As the optical fibre cable acts as both the sensor and the data transmission medium, the need for a separate wired or wireless communication system is eliminated. Furthermore, because it is an optical-based system, it is immune to electromagnetic interference. This reduces installation and maintenance costs and increases the sensitivity and reliability of the system.

SoundPrint Light will be offered in two configurations. For post-tensioned bridges, including box-girder structures, the fibre-optic cables will be attached with adhesive directly to the concrete surface along the length of the bridge in a pattern that provides full coverage for all tendons in the structure. Because the fibres are acoustically sensitive along their entire length, the distance from a wire break to the closest sensor will generally be less than it would be with a conventional piezoelectric sensor array, resulting in lower signal attenuation and increased system sensitivity. For suspension and cable-stayed bridges, the configuration will consist of a fibre-optic communication cable connecting discrete fibre-optic sensors mounted at cable bands or at the stay anchorages. It is also possible, for new bridges, to incorporate the continuous distributed sensor within the cable assemblies during construction.

Commenting on the development, Jack Elliott, Pure’s President, said:

“We are pleased to be able to announce this important new initiative in bridge monitoring technology. We are commercial originator of the concept of continuous acoustic monitoring of bridges. We installed our first SoundPrint bridge system on a highway viaduct in Huntingdon, UK, in 1997, where it is still operating, and we have been providing bridge owners with valuable information on the integrity of cables and tendons in post-tensioned, cable-stayed and suspension bridges around the world ever since. The introduction of SoundPrint Light is a natural outcome of our experience with fibre-optic monitoring of pipelines and of our extensive in-house research and development capabilities. This development takes the concept of continuous monitoring of bridges to the next level.”

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