SABIC has a substantial inventory of large-diameter Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP). The operation of this pipe is critical for SABIC to provide water to its production facilities, and therefore the PCCP sections are high-risk assets. This web page is provided to SABIC to provide information on industry best practices used to manage PCCP.

Pure Technologies has been inspecting and monitoring PCCP since 1997, including the C-301 class of PCCP used within various SABIC facilities. By using proven technologies, pipeline owners are now able to reduce risk and avert failures for these critical assets.

Why Perform Condition Assessment of PCCP?

In PCCP, the high-tension steel prestressing wires are the main structural component. As these wires begin to deteriorate and break, specific pipe sections become weaker and more likely to fail catastrophically. By identifying distressed pipe sections and specifying the number of broken wire wraps in a given pipe, owners of PCCP obtain vital knowledge for implementing maintenance, repair and replacement program. PCCP pipelines can be safely and effectively managed for 5% to 15% of the replacement costs, providing significant saving to the utility.

How Does PCCP Fail?

Why Pure Technologies?

For more than two decades, Pure Technologies has helped our clients manage their pressure pipe infrastructure through the use of cutting edge inline inspection technologies.

Pure Technologies is able to perform inspections of PCCP and also provide engineering analysis to help determine the actual risk of PCCP failure. This analysis is based on the actual condition of the pipeline (i.e. number of broken wires), the pressure in the pipeline along with the pipeline design.

Condition Assessment Tools for PCCP

Pure Technologies inspects PCCP using a toolbox of techniques and solutions. Depending on the pipeline configuration and operational limitations, one or more of the following technologies can be used.

PipeWalker™ (PureEM™)

By identifying distressed pipe sections and specifying the number of broken wire wraps in a given pipe, PureEM provides owners of CPP with vital knowledge for implementing maintenance, repair and replacement programs.

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PureRobotics™ is powerful robotic pipeline inspection system that can be configured to inspect virtually any pipe application 24-inches (609 millimeters) and larger.

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The PipeDiver® tool is an innovative, free-swimming condition assessment platform for water and wastewater pipelines that operates while a main remains in service.

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SoundPrint® AFO

Once installed in a pipeline, the SoundPrint AFO system remotely detects the acoustic signature of wire breaks in PCCP, and records their specific pipe location. If break activity increases, utility staff are alerted and can intervene on the deteriorating pipe in advance of a failure.

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Leak Detection

Pure’s suite of inline leak detection tools allow pipeline operators to identify leaks and air pockets on their critical pipelines with high accuracy.

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