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Providing data-driven condition assessment and proactive asset management solutions help water and wastewater service providers face the major challenges of managing aging pipeline infrastructure. This optimizes capital investment and provides the data needed to make smarter long-term decisions. Be sure to visit us in booth 212 to learn more, or attend one of our presentations below.

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“We Complied” 315 Miles of Force Main Network Prioritized, Assessed,
and Managed


Tuesday, July 17 @ 9am, Session 19/Asset Management, Room 102
Jason A. Johnson, P.E., South Area Manager, Pure Technologies

This presentation will present the dynamic risk methodology developed for the Emerald Coast
Utilities Authority (ECUA) to prioritize their force main system, and explain how multiple rounds
of risk assessments progressively refined the risk levels, ultimately reducing uncertainty.

Working together to Make Things Work”Approaches, Tools, and Technologies for a Successful Force Main Assessment Project


Tuesday, July 17 @ 9:30am, Session 18/Collection Systems 1, Room 103
CJ Roebuck, Sr. Project Manager

This presentation will describe the approaches, tools, and technologies utilized for overcoming obstacles for the successful Condition Assessment of 3 Force Mains in Peachtree City. The presentation describes how the utility and the contractor worked together through the process for the planning, implementation and successful execution of the project. This presentation is a good example of how working together can help make the project successful.

Water’s Worth It!”Is it Leaking? Where? Looked for it, Found it, Fixed it”


Tuesday, July 17 @ 3pm, Session 22/Water Loss, Room 106
Jimmy Stewart, Business Development Manager

Since small-diameter leak detection methods are more challenging and at times ineffective on larger pipes, and because of the depth of the pipe, pipe material changes, and lack of access points, inline acoustic technologies were used to detect more than146 leaks within 184 miles of medium and large diameter mains, resulting in 4 MGD of water savings.


We used advanced advanced acoustic leak detection technology to inspect more than 145 miles of its large diameter transmission mains this annual program has identified and repaired or replaced more than 280 individual pipe segments which were approaching failure. This presentation will focus on the technologies used, the results attained and the overall program strategy of monitoring the condition of critical arterial pipelines toprevent catastrophic failures and large-scale

Wear and Tear: Fatigue Life in PVC Force Mains


Wednesday, July 18 @ 9:30am, Session 31/Collection Systems 2, Room 104
Jason A. Johnson, P.E., South Area Manager, Pure Technologies

This presentation outlines the theory, methodology, and results of a fatigue analysis performed on PVC force mains. Prior to the analysis, transient pressure monitoring was performed on the system to understand the operational and surge pressures within the force main and their impact on the structural integrity of the pipes.