Pure Solutions

Oil and gas operators can reduce the risk of pipe failure through a diverse and comprehensive integrity program, Learn more about Pure Technologies oil and gas solutions and how they fit into a complete pipeline integrity program.

Above-Ground Inspection

Unlike conventional above-ground inspection tools, which often collect only a single data source, the Spectrum XLI system collects multiple sources of data in a single pass.

Inline Inspection

The SmartBall® platform is a multi-sensor inline inspection tool that is capable of assessing unpiggable pipelines and provides operators with pipeline data that traditional tools cannot.

PIG Tracking

Tracking services include the industry’s most advanced and reliable AGM – the ARMADILLO TRACKS AGM – which, coupled with the PureHM remote tracking unit, provides the industry’s most innovative and safest pig tracking system.

Cathodic Protection

We can effectively manage corrosion projects end-to-end, beginning with consulting, and moving into system design, indirect inspection, remediation strategies and repair, and CP materials supply.

Integrity Data Management

Combining and standardizing all data sets saves money by reducing decision time, while increasing accuracy.