Making the invisible
visible again

Pure Technologies enables water and wastewater utilities to "see" their buried infrastructure, and adopt a proactive pipeline management approach.

Pipeline Condition Assessment

Assessing the condition of buried pipeline assets is a key first step in this management process.

Our condition assessment services help make the invisible buried world of pipeline infrastructure visible again, giving utility managers a set of virtual eyes to determine the true condition of their networks.

Through more than 14,000 miles of pipeline condition assessment, we have found that typically 96 percent pipelines are in good condition, leaving less than 4 percent pipes requiring further investigation. By determining the true condition of pipelines, utilities can avoid the unnecessary full-scale replacement programs based on age, and focus resources on what their communities need most.

As part of our condition assessment services, we use a number of proprietary sensor technology platforms depending on pipeline operational conditions. These sensor technologies provide a range of integrity information to quantify true pipeline condition with precision.

Condition assessment for metallic pipe

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 70–90 percent of replaced pipe has remaining useful life. Identifying the actual condition of metallic pipelines through inspection is the only reliable method of making rehabilitation decisions.

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Concrete pressure pipe wall assessment

Pure Technologies is the industry leader in concrete pressure pipe (CPP) management, developing and implementing some of the largest pipeline management programs in North America.

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Gain immediate feedback on the condition of PCCP and metallic pipes using electromagnetic technology.

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Featured Case Study

Waternet, The Netherlands

The Netherlands faces unique challenges with their underground pipe networks due to their proximity to numerous dykes that regulate water levels. Because pipe failures can lead to drastic consequences for Dutch infrastructure, Waternet undertook a leak detection program for three major pipelines that pass various critical infrastructure including dykes, motorways and airport runways.