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CableScan uses the principle of magnetostriction to rapidly test the condition of steel ropes or cables.

A major breakthrough in bridge inspection technology.

CableScan is the only cable inspection technique currently available that is capable of detecting and reporting the location of corrosion damage on cables with equipment that is light and easy to use in the field.

It uses magnetostrictive sensing method (MsS) developed and patented by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI).

CableScan can identify anomalies in bridge cables from a single location on each cable. This means that engineers and bridge owners can now undertake fast, accurate non-destructive evaluation of cables without the need for heavy equipment or complicated access requirements.

A 300-foot-long suspender rope can be inspected in as little as 15 minutes, depending on access.


  • Locate broken wires and loss of cross-section
  • Lightweight and easy-to-use equipment
  • Detailed reporting and fast inspection time
  • Industry proven technology

How it works

Guided waves are generated using Magnetostrictive technique from a single location on the wire rope

Defects and changes in cross-section cause reflected pulses detectable by MsS sensor

Comprehensive report includes quantification and location of individual defects