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PipeDiver is an innovative, free-swimming condition assessment platform for water and wastewater pipelines that operates while a main remains in service.

Confidently manage your pipes without the need to shutdown or dewater

PipeDiver is a long distance, free-swimming condition assessment tool that operates while the pipeline remains in service, providing utility owners with an easier and less costly alternative to inspection methods that require shutdown or dewatering.

Its flexibility allows the tool to travel through a variety of pipe configurations including butterfly valves and sharp bends and tees, and because it deploys through existing appurtenances it often reduces cost and effort to the utility. Pipeline owners receive comprehensive data on the condition of the pipe wall. For PCCP that means identifying broken prestressing wire wraps, while on metallic it identifies localized areas of corrosion.

PipeDiver inspections and Pure’s advanced engineering give clients data for their pressure pipe assets that tell them what needs to be addressed today and what to plan for in the future.


  • No disruption to regular pipeline service
  • Long inspection distances can be covered in a single deployment
  • Accurate results that pinpoint areas of damage
  • Cost-effective method that don’t require shutdown and dewatering

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To assess the condition of its Newmore Raw Water Main, Scottish Water used PipeDiver™ inline inspection technology, the first use of the technology in Europe.

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Featured Case Study

Flower Mound, Texas USA

The Town of Flower Mound, worked closely with Pure Technologies to conduct a leak and gas pocket detection survey of approximately 1.91 miles of potable water mains, which included nearly 1.4 miles of metallic pipelines.

The town is home to 70,000 residents and manages both the water and sewer utilities within Flower Mound.