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Access comprehensive information on the integrity of water pipelines

Comprehensive condition assessment data for water pipelines

The PipeWalker platform is a lightweight, modular condition assessment tool operated in dewatered pipelines by a team of highly trained technicians. It is ideal for inspecting critical large-diameter water pipelines that can be removed from service.

The PipeWalker platform provides condition assessment information for both PCCP and metallic pipes of various sizes. This tool uses electromagnetic technology to detect and locate broken wire wraps in PCCP and localized areas of corrosion on metallic pipe. Additionally, because operators walk the pipeline with the PipeWalker tool, visual inspection gives immediate feedback on joints and mortar condition.

Combined with Pure Technologies’ advanced engineering solution, PipeWalker condition assessment gives utility owners comprehensive information on the integrity of their water pipelines in order to make confident management decisions today and into the future.

Pure Technologies has inspected the largest PCCP pipe in the world using this platform!


  • Visual inspection of the pipeline with condition data
  • Provides actionable information on both PCCP and metallic pipes
  • Can be used to inspect large pipes

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