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PureRobotics is a powerful robotic pipeline inspection system that can be configured to inspect virtually any pipe application.

Identify problem pipeline areas more easily through a robotic crawler

PureRobotics is a modular, powerful robotic inspection system that helps utilities screen their network for problem areas and gain a better understanding on the condition of their assets.

The robotic crawler is designed to easily transport sensors and tools through dewatered pipe, or while submerged in potable, raw water, or wastewater.

The robot is a multi-sensor platform that carries a variety of condition assessment tools inside the pipeline in a single deployment that also provides live video that can aid in detecting anomalies within the pipe. In addition, the tethered tool is an unmanned solution which makes inspections significantly safer.

Combined with Pure Technologies’ advanced engineering solution, PureRobotics condition assessment delivers comprehensive and actionable condition assessment data in a flexible manner giving utilities reliable information to act on with confidence as part of an asset management program.


  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Modular to adapt to many pipe conditions
  • No dewatering required
  • Live video stream
  • Safer than manned entry

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A growing number of proactive municipal utilities and power generating operators across North America are reaping the benefits of deploying the latest robotics crawler from Pure Technologies to assess the condition of their pipeline networks and save millions of dollars in water loss and prevented breaks.

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Featured Case Study

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD)

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) takes a proactive approach to water management initiatives.

Pure worked closely with MMSD to perform a detailed condition assessment of the approximately 25-year old ductile iron pipeline. The purpose of the assessment was to identify the structural condition of the metallic force main.