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SoundPrint® AFO

SoundPrint Acoustic Fiber Optic (AFO) Monitoring technology is an industry-leading system that tracks and records pipeline deterioration.

Continuous real-time structural monitoring
for PCCP pipelines.

Pure’s Soundprint technology is an industry-leading Acoustic Fiber Optic (AFO) monitoring system that tracks and records pipeline deterioration on PCCP water and wastewater pipelines.

As the monitoring system records breaks and the pipe section approaches its limit, pipe sections can be proactively rehabilitated in advance of an expensive failure.

This proven approach has been successful in selectively rehabilitating PCCP assets – while preventing critical failures – for only a fraction of the cost.


  • Saves Money on PCCP inspection
  • System installation does not affect pipeline operation
  • Proven history and the most reliable acoustic monitoring technology for PCCP
  • Flexible monitoring solutions for installation around valves, bends, and outlets

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Acoustic Fiber Optic (AFO) technology helps identify problematic water mains.

Pure Technologies near real-time AFO technology is now embraced by a growing number of pipeline operators across North America and Asia.

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Featured Case Study

City of Baltimore

The City of Baltimore Department of Public Works (DPW) operates more than 7,000 miles of water and sewage mains.

In May 2017, analysts from Pure Technologies notified DPW that something was wrong with a 16-foot segment of the Southwest Transmission Main that runs beneath Desoto Road (under the Interstate-95) and carries potable water for southwest portions of the City of Baltimore, Baltimore County, and portions of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties.