Old pipeline networks need new innovations

Pure Technologies helps municipal water and wastewater service providers face the major challenges of managing their aging pipeline infrastructure.

Water main networks

Pure Technologies has developed a number of innovative solutions to help utilities manage their water networks.

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Sewer Force Main Management

Pure Technologies provides reliable pipeline inspection and assessment of force and gravity mains within operational constraints of most wastewater utilities.

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Innovative solutions that save time, money and conserve your water resources

Many municipal pipeline networks were installed decades ago. These networks supply our communities with clean drinking water and sanitation, allowing them to flourish, however many of these pipeline networks are reaching the end of their intended design life.

Historically, proactive utilities have managed these networks using several factors for renewal, most notably age, failure history, and desktop evaluation.

At Pure Technologies, we believe there is a better way.

Our approach is to help utilities evaluate the current state of their buried infrastructure and provide them with high confidence condition and operating data. We then couple this with our years of extensive experience and project history to provide utilities with actionable information.

By helping utilities incorporate high confidence condition data in their asset renewal plans, operators are preventing pipe failures, reducing water loss, providing safe delivery of wastewater, and making informed capital decisions to extend the remaining useful life of their water networks.


Water Main Networks

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A single large-diameter pipe failure can cost a utility in excess of US$500,000 for direct repair costs without factoring in additional social, economic, and environmental costs.

Pure Solutions

Deep market experience combined with a demonstrated commitment to research and development have enabled Pure Technologies to build a strong portfolio of technology solutions designed to help infrastructure owners around the world manage their critical infrastructure.

Pipeline Condition Assessment

Our condition assessment services help make the invisible buried world of pipeline infrastructure visible again.

Inline Leak Detection

Our inline leak detection tools can effectively locate leaks and gas pockets on on force mains within 6-feet of their actual location.

Monitoring Services

Our monitoring solutions enable pipeline operators to monitor both the operational and structural conditions of their assets in near real time.

Asset Analytics

Design. Create. Share. Intelligence.

Valve and Hydrant Management

Having the right field information minimizes the consequences of failure.

Protecting our water supply one leak at a time

Roughly US$14 billion in clean, non-revenue water is lost every year due to leaks and water main failures that could have been prevented.

Non-revenue water is defined as water that is produced for consumption but is lost before it reaches the customer. If the loss of non-revenue water could be cut by half, an estimated US$2.9 billion could be generated and an additional 90 million people could have access to water.