Assess & Address™

Assess & Address can identify the exact location of deterioration, maximizing capital budgets and resources.

Proactive pipeline management

Through assessing more than 25,000 miles (40,000 km) of pipe, Pure Technologies has found that the majority of pipe sections in municipal networks are still in great condition, leaving only a small fraction requiring any renewal.

These condition assessment projects have led to the development of a suite of inspection tools and engineering analysis practices that allow for the comprehensive assessment of municipal pipe networks to determine their actual condition and remaining useful life.

The Assess and Address methodology helps to optimize capital and operating budgets and ultimately extends the useful life of pipelines. This approach allows operators to identify only very specific problem areas with a high degree of confidence, rather than replacing entire pipelines that still have plenty of remaining useful life.

Typical results for PCCP pipelines

Based on return on investment (ROI) studies, an Assess & Address program can often be implemented for roughly 5 to 15 percent of the replacement cost.

Our Process




Risk evaluation


Risk mitigation
Remediation strategies


Condition monitoring
Asset Management
Capital planning

Featured Case Study

WSSC – Washington, D.C.

After WSSC began experiencing major PCCP failures in the 1970s, it developed a strong commitment to infrastructure management technology in favor of large capital replacements.

Beginning in 2007, WSSC and Pure Technologies began a partnership to create a comprehensive PCCP management program.