Maintaining wastewater force mains

Traditional gravity main assessment methods just don’t work on force mains. That’s why Pure innovated a holistic, risk-based approach that allows utilities to meet regulatory standards and keep the environment within their communities safe.

Pinpointing The Problem Is Half The Battle

Based on the largest force main data set in the industry, our clients have found their assets typically do not deteriorate or fail systematically along their full length.

Rather, pipe condition is usually related to localized problems due to design, manufacturing, installation, environmental, operational, or maintenance factors. Often, it is a combination of several of these factors that lead to force main failures.

Pure’s force main assessment program helps operators target the most common causes of force main failures and provides actionable data about their assets. By identifying and repairing only isolated areas, followed by the implementation of a long-term pipeline management strategy, utilities can realize major savings in over large-scale replacement or renewal projects.

Risk-Based Pipeline Management

Precisely identify assets that require rehabilitation.

Pure’s approach to force main management addresses the most common causes of force main failures and focuses on four main areas:

Preliminary analysis

This analysis allows us to create a prioritized plan can be developed that addresses the most important areas. This process will aid the development of an inspection plan, including choosing of specific inspection technologies and appropriate methods.

Internal corrosion survey

Gas pockets in force mains are of significant concern as hydrogen sulfide gas within the wastewater may be cause corrosion and eventual breakdown of the pipe’s surface.

Pipe wall assessment

Using multiple techniques, identify different defects in wastewater force main.

Condition data analysis and risk assessment

The risk evaluation considers the likelihood of failure (condition) and the consequence of a force main failure.

Pure Solutions

Deep local market experience combined with a demonstrated commitment to research and development have enabled Pure Technologies to build a strong portfolio of solutions designed to help infrastructure owners around the world manage their critical infrastructure.

Pipeline Condition Assessment

Our condition assessment services help make the invisible buried world of pipeline infrastructure visible again.

Inline Leak Detection

Prevent water loss with our inline leak detection tools that provide accurate dig-ready location information.

Monitoring Services

Our monitoring solutions enable pipeline operators to monitor both the operational and structural conditions of their assets in near real time.

Decision Intelligence

Connecting specific client utility data to actionable outcomes within complex pipeline networks.

Valve and Hydrant Management

Minimize the consequence of water network issues by knowing the condition and location of valves and hydrants.

Featured Case Study

Utilities Kingston – Ontario, Canada

In 2015, Utilities Kingston retained the services of Pure Technologies to perform a condition assessment on the Dalton Avenue (North End) Pump Station Force Mains.

At approximately 35 years, each asset was entering a critical stage of its life-cycle. The purpose of the assessment was to identify the structural condition of the 450mm and 600mm force mains, both of which are approximately 1,550 meters long and follow a parallel route.