Decision intelligence

Your partner for decision intelligence solutions to optimize pipeline network management

Supporting the future of buried infrastructure

Decision intelligence helps people connect action with outcomes in complex systems. This process provides an understanding of how choices made today impact the future. Backed by years of data collection and analysis, Pure’s Decision Intelligence team support the future of buried infrastructure.

Consulting Services

We provide technical and strategic support acting as an extension of your team. This ensures streamlined communication and execution processes for our decision intelligence strategies.

Data Solutions

We help you maximize the value of infrastructure data sources. The Data Solutions Team maintains and owns a vast library of pipeline condition and analysis data that is used for decision making. This team is responsible for establishing data collection, quality, integrity and management standards.

Decision Support

Decision Support is a team of highly specialized engineers and data scientists that deliver industry leading risk and life-cycle forecasting for pipelines. Their advanced analytical models deliver dynamic risk prioritization, re-inspection cycles and remaining useful life estimations allowing you to make optimized short and long-term decisions on your pipeline assets.

Note:Structural Engineering services are not currently offered in the State of Illinois.