Monitoring Services

Pipeline operators can monitor both the operational and structural conditions of their assets in near-real time using Pure’s monitoring solutions.

Pipeline Monitoring Solutions

Using Pure’s acoustic fiber optic technology, owners of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) can monitor the structural condition of their pipelines to prevent major pipe failures. The monitoring system is able to identify wire wrap breaks, alerting asset managers when there is an unacceptable increase in activity that could lead to pipe failure.

In terms of operational factors, Pure provides pipeline owners with pressure transient monitoring, which contributes to the safe operation of pipelines and can help prevent pipe failures. Pressure transients can adversely affect the structural condition of a pipe; by monitoring for transients, operators are able to reduce the likelihood of large transients that could lead to pipe failure.

In order to safely manage pipelines in the long term, pipeline operators can monitor both the operational and structural conditions of their assets in near real time using Pure’s monitoring solutions.

Wire Break Monitoring

SoundPrint® AFO (Acoustic Fiber Optic) is a fiber optic monitoring system used to detect and locate wire failures in prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP).

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Transient Pressure Monitoring

Engineers and utility operators are increasingly concerned that transient and surge pressures are adversely affecting the condition of their pipelines.

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Featured Case Study

Town of Flower Mound

The Town of Flower Mound, Texas (Town), worked closely with Pure Technologies to conduct a leak and gas pocket detection survey of approximately 1.91 miles of potable water mains, which included nearly 1.4 miles of metallic pipelines.

The Town is home to 70,000 residents and manages both the water and sewer utilities within Flower Mound.