Real pipeline troubles don’t stay buried forever

Until now, assessing the actual condition and remaining useful life of buried water assets has been challenging. Our solutions can help.

Old pipes, new technology

The world’s water infrastructure is aging and several industry studies have questioned how much longer they can last.

However, mile upon mile of excavation is not the answer, considering many utilities have found that up to 90% of the excavated pipes actually have remaining useful life. Obviously, a new strategy was needed.

Pure Technologies approach to buried pipeline management has helped our clients assess the condition of thousands of miles of water mains and have found that pipe distress is often localized, randomly distributed and not typically dependent on the age of the asset.

So today, instead of replacing entire systems, utilities are working with Pure Technologies to effectively manage and extend the life of their assets while increasing their service reliability in a safe and cost effective way.

Pure Solutions

Deep local market experience combined with a demonstrated commitment to research and development have enabled Pure Technologies to build a strong portfolio of solutions designed to help infrastructure owners around the world manage their critical infrastructure.

Pipeline Condition Assessment

Our condition assessment services help make the invisible buried world of pipeline infrastructure visible again.

Inline Leak Detection

Prevent water loss with our inline leak detection tools that provide accurate dig-ready location information.

Monitoring Services

Our monitoring solutions enable pipeline operators to monitor both the operational and structural conditions of their assets in near real time.

Decision Intelligence

Connecting specific client utility data to actionable outcomes within complex pipeline networks.

Valve and Hydrant Management

Minimize the consequence of water network issues by knowing the condition and location of valves and hydrants.

Featured Case Study

DC Water – Washington, D.C.

Almost half of DC Water’s fire hydrants were antiquated units made at a local prison foundry that closed decades ago.

Several high-profile incidents involving inoperable fire hydrants at the scenes of major fires in the Washington DC area accelerated a planned DC Water project to inspect, operate and assess the mechanical condition and operational reliability of all the hydrants located within the District of Columbia.